Tip #1 Use the Volcube Market Mentor to test your option trading and understanding

Volcube Market Mentor is the automated and intelligent help facility that is available right in your Volcube trading sessions. You access Market Mentor simply by pressing the “MM” dialogue bubble in top of the Messenger pane.

Obviously, Market Mentor is a great tool when you are learning about options trading and risk management in Volcube. It gives you help with pricing option strategies and managing option risk in your trading games. It can tell you about what the order flow is like and also what trades you should look out for to reduce your risks. The help Volcube Market Mentor gives you intelligently updates during the game; it can read your position and the market action and give you sensible advice accordingly. As you progress with your Volcube option trading, why not start to use Market Mentor more as an assessment tool? So try playing through a trading session in Volcube and before you enter your quotes and make your trades, check what Market Mentor suggests after you have made your decision. So rather than just get the help from Market Mentor and follow the advice, try coming up with your own ideas first and then check these with Market Mentor.


Volcube Market Mentor : use it wisely to become a better options trader

Volcube Market Mentor : use it wisely to become a better options trader

If your decision about pricing a strategy or whether or not to buy some options in the game matches Market Mentor’s advice, then great! If not, do you understand why this is? This can give you good ideas about where you need to improve your Volcube option trading. Maybe you notice your prices don’t match Market Mentor’s suggestions in the later stages of the game. This could indicate your pricing accuracy is not as good when the implied volatility has moved. Try reading some of the material in the Volcube Learning environment to improve this side of your trading.

Volcube Market Mentor is a great tool to help with your trading especially when you are new to Volcube. So tip #1 is to get the most out of this feature by using it not just as a knowledge and advisory source, but also as a personal assessment facility.

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