Options training exercises

This new series of training drills will help you to focus your options trading education on particular aspects of options trading. The exercises can be performed using a Volcube Starter or Pro Edition license.

Exercise 1 : Portfolio vega and equivalent long/short from levels

TRAINS : Understanding of vega. Relationship between options, vega and profit and loss

Exercise 2 : Quickly calculate portfolio delta and gamma

TRAINS : Practical understanding of delta and gamma of an options portfolio.

Exercise 3 : Straddle and outright option values

TRAINS : Practical understanding of relationship between straddles and outrights.

Exercise 4 : Learning to reduce an options portfolio to its essential components

TRAINS : Options portfolio management skills. Understanding vega buckets.

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Volcube : Options Trading Simulator





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Volcube : options training technology

Volcube : options training technology

The world's most advanced option market simulator and training tool, used by leading derivatives trading firms to train their option traders.

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