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Since 2010, we have received many great questions from Volcube users; options traders of varying degrees of experience. We always give as in depth an answer as possible to questions about options trading, relating to both the theory and practice. So we have decided to publish some of these questions along with our responses. Hopefully this will be of great value to option traders everywhere and of course to Volcube subscribers. Feel free to follow up with any questions via [email protected] and we’ll be happy to clarify anything.



How is the Volcube TPI calculated?

Is my TPI penalised for sitting out on trades?

How can I learn about options trading apart from using the Volcube Levels?

How does Volcube generate the market price and order flow data?

Pricing options

Can you explain the relationship between implied volatility and option value?

Is estimating implied volatility similar to estimating the market value?

How to improve your option pricing accuracy

Option Risk Management

Why do I keep breaking my risk limits in Volcube?

Why is the gamma risk limits tied to the theoretical profit, and not the position gamma?

How are the Volcube Vega and Gamma risk limits and the Volcube Risk Metric calculated?

How do I learn to manage option risk in Volcube?

How does the risk from long gamma compare to short gamma?

Option Greeks and options trading strategies

Can basic delta hedged positions become dynamic delta hedged position?

Why might a trader prefer a strangle to a straddle?


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