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  • Learning about options

  • The complete options training course
  • Learn to trade options
  • Option market simulators
  • Options Trading Tutorials

  • Tutorial #1 – Start to learn options trading on Volcube
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  • Tutorial #7 – Volcube Option Mini-games
  • Options trading basics

  • What are options?
  • What is implied volatility?
  • What are stock options?
  • What are the option Greeks?
  • 4 ways to understand option delta
  • Option time decay
  • What is option gamma?
  • What is option vega?
  • What is option theta?
  • What is option rho?
  • What is put-call parity?
  • What is volatility trading?
  • The relationship between vega and implied volatility
  • Managing an options portfolio
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    More advanced options trading ideas

  • What is option market making?
  • How tied options work as volatility trades
  • What is option vomma?
  • The hidden uses of vanna
  • What is option delta time-decay?
  • The difference between long gamma and short gamma
  • How to price options of differing expiration dates consistently
  • What is a volatility smile?
  • Simplifying option vega spreads
  • Managing an options portfolio at expiration – Part I
  • Managing an options portfolio at expiration – Part II
  • Managing an options portfolio at expiration – Part III
  • Managing an options portfolio at expiration – Part IV
  • Option trading and option strategies

  • Delta-neutral trading strategies
  • Vega-neutral trading strategies
  • What is a call spread?
  • What is an iron condor?
  • What is a straddle?
  • What is a risk reversal?
  • What is gamma hedging?
  • Gamma hedging trading strategies : Part I
  • Gamma hedging trading strategies : Part II
  • Gamma hedging trading strategies : Part III
  • Gamma trading and option time decay
  • Learning to trade option strategies : Call spreads as volatility trades
  • What is option skew trading?
  • What is option put skew?
  • What is gamma trading?
  • What is delta hedging?
  • Delta hedging with options
  • How and why option delta can change
  • Call spreads and put spreads: option trading essentials  
  • What is option pin risk?
  • Miscellaneous options and trading related material

  • Advice to quants about to be interviewed
  • The difference between theoretical and market value
  • 10 ways to trade options
  • Recommended reading about options and trading generally
  • Interview with Dr Euan Sinclair, author of ‘Volatility Trading’
  • Implied volatility calendar spreads and political events
  • Moving from the back office or middle office to the front office
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