Volcube Certificate in Options and Volatility Trading

What is the Volcube Certificate in Options and Volatility Trading?

The Volcube Certificate in Options and Volatility Trading is awarded to full Volcube users who complete any of the Levels on the Volcube options market simulator. To complete a Level and earn the Certificate, the user must trade on the Volcube simulator and score highly enough over the course of several simulations. The scoring system is the Volcube Trader Performance Index (TPI). This score is computed after each simulation that the user plays and accounts for many factors such as the difficulty of the session, the risk the user accrued, the profit and loss from the session, the user’s pricing speed, accuracy and competitiveness and several other factors besides.

If someone is awarded the Certificate, what does it say about that person?

It is not easy to earn the Volcube Certificate in Options and Volatility Trading. Even a completion at Level 1, shows the user has successfully entered hundreds of prices and quotes into the Volcube simulator. They will have traded simulation options that are delta-hedged and therefore they will have traded implied volatility. They will have traded the Volcube option simulated market under a variety of conditions. They will have successfully managed option-related risk (via the Greeks) over an extended period in Volcube. They will have made theoretical profits by trading options and volatility in the simulated environment and they will have defended positions where the market has moved against them.

What is the difference between the various Levels of Certification?

All Levels (from 1 up to 10) require the user to exhibit the core competencies of options and volatility trading in the Volcube simulation markets. The differences between the Levels are the detail of the simulation markets. For example, early Levels might include basic option strategies, single expirations, fill or kill orders and a fixed spot market. Higher Levels can include more complex strategies, resting orders, multiple expirations, moving spot market etc.

What is the highest Level of certification Volcube users can reach?

This depends on the user’s Volcube license type. Pro Edition users can access all Levels up to 10. Starter Edition users can access all Levels up to 3. Each subsequent Level can only be accessed once the prior Level has been completed.

I am a prospective employer. Can I verify an applicant’s Volcube Certificate?

Each Certificate that is awarded is individually serial-numbered. To validate any Certificate, please contact us at [email protected] and we will assist with your enquiry.

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