In-game training

Volcube’s newly released Market Mentor embeds bespoke and intelligent trading advice in the Main Game screen, right as the action is happening. Volcube Market Mentor removes the requirement for a senior trader to take valuable time out to train juniors or other members of staff, and enables the learning process to be entirely automated. This innovative technology lets trainees learn anywhere, any time, rather than take precious hours or days off the desk. Volcube Market Mentor integrates seamlessly with the Volcube Learning Environment.

Learning Environment

Whilst Volcube’s Market Mentor is a great way to learn how to trade whilst playing, it’s essential that users get up to speed with the basics beforehand, and sometimes give themselves a reminder. The Volcube learning environment provides online access to an extensive repository of information on the basic concepts of options and derivatives trading such as the Greeks, strategies, and of course how to use Volcube itself. The information is presented in useful videos, audiocasts, and easy to follow glossaries and articles. In addition, there are examples of complete trading sessions with expert analysis from senior options market makers.

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