Volcube Derivatives Market Simulator

At the heart of the Volcube application is its innovative option market simulator.  Unlike other simulators that rely on canned or historical data, the Volcube engine generates orders and market flows in real time, using sophisticated artificial intelligence. As a result, the market action can never be predicted and the price action always holds the attention.

Volcube Market Mentor

Market MentorWhen our customers told us they wanted our derivatives market simulator to be integrated with our teaching environment, we knew smart technology would be the solution. Volcube’s Market Mentor embeds bespoke and intelligent trading advice in the Main Game screen, right as the action is happening. Now learning with Volcube can be entirely automated. This innovative technology lets trainees learn anywhere, any time rather than take precious hours or days off the desk. Volcube Market Mentor integrates seamlessly with the Volcube Learning Environment.

Volcube Exchange

Volcube Exchange is a full-blooded multiplayer simulation market. Users compete for orders and trades in the Volcube derivatives market and end the session with complete rankings of performance, across a range of factors. Volcube Exchange offers all the excitement of a truly dynamic derivatives exchange as players often find themselves trading against one another.

Volcube Trading Performance Index (TPI)

How profitable is a trainee on Volcube? How accurately can he or she price options? How competitively? Volcube had always presented metrics on user performance along these lines, but our customers requested a single number to consolidate the user data. The Volcube Trading Performance Index scores user’s individual games and also their on-going success as an options trader on Volcube. The Volcube TPI has allowed firms to benchmark their trainees progress and ability with unprecedented objectivity. Given the hundreds of option traders who have used Volcube, the evidence that the Volcube TPI is strongly correlated with experience and ability gives firms and desks confidence that the TPI is highly meaningful indicator.

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