Volcube Assessment

Volcube Assessment is the examination environment within the application, allowing users to validate and monitor their learning and trading performance. Users can see their progress from basic to advanced levels, with critical analysis of their pricing accuracy and speed, ability to handle risk and capacity to trade derivatives profitably.

Volcube Trading Performance Index (TPI)

Volcube TPI scores the trading performance achieved in every assessed game. This at-a-glance metric is the perfect device for monitoring progress from session to session.

Volcube Parallel Play

Volcube Parallel Play offers a variation on the Volcube Exchange model. Users experience the same market conditions independently, allowing for a comprehensive assessment under test conditions.

Volcube Accuracy Metric

When analysing the performance of a user, it’s important to understand how accurate they price against the actual market value of options. Volcube Accuracy Metric does just this, giving an overall picture of a user’s accuracy throughout a trading session in one handy number.

Volcube Competitiveness Metric

Understanding bid-offer spread is a basic competency when making a market.  The Volcube Competitiveness Metric is a measure of how competitive a user’s prices are in trading sessions.

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