Volcube Pro Edition for professional option trading firms

Volcube is a win for everyone involved. It enables our senior traders to focus on trading, and our trainees to accelerate their learning. It also embeds risk management principles into the trainees’ mindset much earlier, and takes traditional mock trading techniques to the next level.”

Rohan Wilson, Volatility Trader and Training Manager, Atlantic Trading

“I have been enormously impressed with Volcube. The trading simulation is realistic, the feedback is understandable and actionable and there is a clear sense of progress. I can’t think of a better way to learn option trading.”

Euan Sinclair, Option Trader at Bluefin Trading and author of Volatility Trading


Used by leading proprietary trading firms, hedge funds and bank trading desks

Deliver the best possible training to junior option traders, risk managers and software developers with the most effective option trading simulator and education technology in the world.

Our trainee traders use Volcube throughout the year to learn about options and volatility trading. We feel Volcubeā€™s realistic market simulator combined with online learning tools is a really efficient and modern way for our trainees to learn to trade.”

Jean F., Senior Trader, Mako Global

FREE TRIALS AVAILABLE TO ALL OPTION TRADING FIRMS. Email [email protected] to start your firm’s trial.




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