Volcube announces Volatility Manager in v2.1

Volcube Volatility Manager to be released in v2.1 at end of February, 2011

LONDON, UK – FEBRUARY 16, 2011 – Volcube, (www.volcube.com), the derivatives simulation and training technology company, today confirmed that functionality to give users in-game control over theoretical implied volatilities will be released as part of version 2.1, at the end of February, 2011.  This much-requested feature again moves the Volcube simulators towards greater realism.

“The ability to trade market implied volatility relative to a fixed set of theoretical implied values is a core competency for derivatives traders.”, said CEO Simon Gleadall. “However, it is also true that knowing when to move one’s own volatility curves to better reflect market valuations is also a vital skill to learn. Indeed some trading firms rely entirely upon the market implied volatility values for their trading. This is partly a question of technique and partly one of trading style”.

The Volatility Manager will allow users to update their vol surface to reflect the current simulation market or even to run real-time market volatilities that auto-update with market activity. This allows users to experiment with different trading strategies and also allows firms to train their staff in ways more closely in keeping with their own preferred in-house methodology.

Volcube v2.1 remains on schedule to be released on Monday, 28th February and as well as the Volcube Volatility Manager will include enhancements to simulation-generating algorithms.

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