November 2011 Newsletter – Atlantic Trading, Moving spot, free trials

Atlantic Trading accelerates training with Volcube
v2.5 release introducing moving spot
Free trials


Atlantic Trading accelerates training with Volcube

The team at Atlantic Trading are seeing some significant benefits from Volcube.  Rohan Wilson, Volatility Trader and Training Manager said,

“Volcube is a win for everyone involved.  It enables our senior traders to focus on trading, and our trainees to accelerate their learning.  It also embeds risk management principles into the trainees’ mindset much earlier, and takes traditional mock trading techniques to the next level”.  Learn more about how they are using Volcube here.

v2.5 release introducing moving spot

CEO Simon Gleadall said, “The option to use a tradable, moving underlying brings unprecedented training opportunities. Now your mock trading sessions can teach the skills of manually hedging deltas, gamma scalping and the handling of live risk orders. Volcube v2.5 helps trainers escape the traditional limitations of a fixed spot price, as and when their trainees have mastered trading volatility against a static underlying”.

The latest version includes some great new features.  Let us know what you think at [email protected]:

– Moving Spot
– Fast Markets
– Monthly activity report
– Default user settings facility
– Negative term structure
– Quote and order entry by mouse alone
– Online members highlighted in Account
– Broker intelligence enhancements
– Option to hide strategy details in Messenger

Free trials

Our free trials are proving to be an increasingly popular way of trying out the technology and demonstrating its value to the rest of the business.  Whether you’re responsible for training juniors or just getting started with derivatives, take a look at the introductory video here and contact us on [email protected].

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