New release of Volcube

Volcube announces major new release of its derivatives simulation and training software

Technology provider’s latest product release wraps several innovations around their core market simulators.

LONDON, UK – JANUARY 17, 2011 – Volcube, (, the derivatives simulation and training technology company, today announced the availability of the latest release of its unique web-based software. The updated version includes several innovations including Volcube Market Mentor – an intelligent personalised trading assistant – plus a multi-media learning environment and a user assessment module.

“Our simulators have always been received positively, but these new features greatly increase the value added to our customers,” said Rich Wilson, Volcube’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “Teaching staff how to use derivatives has traditionally been a costly and ineffective process, but our technology dramatically alters this picture, whilst reducing the risk associated with getting financial professionals up to speed.”

Volcube’s software allows users to learn about derivatives trading through a mix of simulation games and learning tools. The company has a patent application pending for several aspects of their product.

“Simulators have always been used to train market-facing staff, but they have tended to focus on either the cash market or simple futures-type contracts,” said CEO and co-founder, Simon Gleadall. “They have also relied heavily on historical datasets. We wanted to build software that was intelligent and allowed professionals to learn how to trade more complex derivatives, such as options.”

“Our simulators are entirely algo-driven. This architecture means new features such as Volcube Market Mentor are a really natural fit,” said Chen Wang, CTO.

Simon Gleadall, CEO also stated, “I am delighted with these enhancements. Volcube Market Mentor is part of our drive to automate the training process. We recognise that the days of staff leaving their desks for extended periods to sit through multi-day workshops and seminars are largely over. So we have wrapped our market simulators in technology that empowers staff to self-train under the intelligent guidance of the Volcube Market Mentor, in their own time. Furthermore, our new Assessment module allows our clients to have their trading ability in the simulation markets automatically analysed by Volcube. That is an incredibly powerful tool to measure practical skill rather than mere theoretical knowledge.”

Volcube was founded in 2009 to build derivatives training technologies. Originally aimed at traders, the product has proven of interest to market professionals from front desks through to operations and risk staff at investment banks, proprietary firms and brokerage houses.

About Volcube

Co-founded by former derivatives trader Simon Gleadall, financial technology marketing expert Rich Wilson and well-versed software architect Chen Wang, Volcube ( has grown organically and rapidly, offering a cutting-edge derivatives training platform. Their innovative approach to training market professionals in the use of complex instruments blends the latest web technology with financial engineering, offering an unparalleled opportunity to learn both the theory and practice of derivatives in a risk-free environment.


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