March 2011 Newsletter

New introductory video
Version 2.1: Vol Manager and algorithm improvements
Trial environment
Introducing the Trader Performance Index

Introductory Video
We’re often asked for screen shots and marketing blurb Introductory Videowhilst on our travels, and one customer suggested extending the content in the Learning Environment with an introductory video.  So our marketing department put their heads together and created a film snapshot of what Volcube is all about.  Feel free to share it with your colleagues and friends.

Volatility ManagerVolatility Manager
Version 2.1 was delivered on time thanks to the hard work of our development and design teams, bringing with it some changes to the market algorithms and most significantly the new Volatility Manager.  We’re really excited to get the Volatility Manager finished and available for users.  Our customers saw the value in working with fixed theoretical implied volatility, but could also see that being able to refresh the pricing sheets with market implied volatility would be of great benefit.  We’ve introduced this along with the ability to work with the market implied volatility completely driving the pricing sheets.

Trial Environment
There’s a great mix of people currently accessing the games in our dedicated trial environment – from University postgraduates to Risk Managers to junior traders – and we’re seeing people playing at all hours.  Whilst the environment is busy it has plenty of capacity, so if you would like to run a trial in your organisation, please contact us on [email protected] or +44 20 3008 4524.

Trader Performance IndexTPI Graph
Trader Performance Reports (created from an Assessment) have been revamped, principally to include the new Trader Performance Index (TPI).  TPI takes all the Volcube metrics into account to give each user a single measurement to monitor their own progress by, as well as compare to colleagues’.  Moving forward, TPI will be visible in the application as well, and we’re going to implement a league table system within each group.  In testing TPI has proved to increase competitiveness amongst users, and we’ve even seen users playing overnight to get their score up!

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