June 2011 Newsletter

Volcube for recruitment and onboarding
v2.2 arriving early June
Trial environment

Volcube for recruitment and onboarding

It’s that time of year again – the graduates are coming.  Our customers are using Volcube as part of their recruitment and onboarding process.  They identify trading potential in weeks rather than months and significantly reduce recruitment and onboarding costs.  One customer explained to us that they see a return on investment within 3 months by identifying star trainees early.  If you’d like to understand how Volcube can save money in your business email [email protected] or call on +44 20 3008 4524.

v2.2 arriving soon

Resting Orders and Drones

Our development team could never be accused of resting on their laurels – early June will see a new release of the application.  We’re very excited to see some significant new features arriving, including resting orders, and introducing new strategies to trade.

Along with resting orders we have created Volcube Drones, which act like other traders in the market, intelligently dealing when resting orders offer significant edge for example.
We have also implemented a number of new strategies; ladders, ratio spreads, strips, butterflies, condors, iron butterflies and iron condors.
If you’d like to get an early look at the new release, drop us a line on [email protected] or call on +44 20 3008 4524.

Trial Environment

We offer free 7 day trial access to Volcube for anyone from junior traders to University postgraduates to Risk Managers, from Australia to London to Chicago and everywhere in-between.  Global financial institutions use this to evaluate how Volcube can enable their teams to learn more about derivatives trading, more quickly.  If you would like to run a trial in your organisation, please contact us on [email protected] or +44 20 3008 4524.


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