July 2011 Newsletter – v2.2 released, new intro video


New introductory video
v2.2 released
Free trials


New introductory video

Since our first introductory video was uploaded back in March, we’ve released an overwhelming number of new features in to the application, so it was time to spruce the film up.  The new video introduces everything in v2.2, and if you look carefully there’s some clues about v2.3.

v2.2 released

reduce training costs by 60%

You asked for them and we delivered!  The latest version of Volcube is now available for all users, and includes the features you’ve been looking for.  New strategies, Volatility Manager, Resting Orders, and Volcube Drones are all in there.  Take a look here.

Free trials

We offer free 7 day trial access to Volcube for anyone from junior traders to University postgraduates to Risk Managers, from Australia to London to Chicago and everywhere in-between.  Global financial institutions use this to evaluate how Volcube can enable their teams to learn more about derivatives trading, more quickly.  If you would like to run a trial in your organisation, please contact us on [email protected] or +44 20 3008 4524, or through our web site here.


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