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Resting Orders added
The Hidden Uses of Vanna
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Resting orders feature in final stage of testing

Resting Orders ScreenshotSeveral requests were made to allow for resting orders in all the Volcube simulation markets. This means that some orders will remain available for users to trade at a later stage in their trading session, and they certainly give the simulations a more realistic and dynamic feel. Incorporating resting orders into games trains users to understand how the character of an order changes as the market conditions alter.  This is a great skill to learn and we are very pleased with how resting orders integrates with the rest of the application.  Resting orders has been high on our development priority schedule and so we are hoping to deploy it to the trial and production servers in just a couple of weeks time.

The Hidden Uses of Vanna

Simon had an interesting article on the hidden uses of vanna  published in Derivatives Week which you can find on our website.  Vanna is a valuable but under-employed higher order Greek that can be used to reveal information about the structure of an option portfolio, as well as the dynamic properties of a portfolio with respect to time.  Simon’s article demonstrates some productive ways to use vanna, independently and in conjunction with vomma, another higher order Greek.

Trial Environment

We offer free 7 day trial access to Volcube for anyone from junior traders to University postgraduates to Risk Managers, from Australia to London and everywhere in-between.  Global financial institutions use this to evaluate how Volcube can enable their teams to learn more about derivatives trading, more quickly.  If you would like to run a trial in your organisation, please contact us on [email protected] or +44 20 3008 4524.



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