29th July 2015 v2.25 is live. This adds Multiplayer Replay mode for groups who want to review their multiplayer games. We’ve also added a facility to allow Tutors to increase individual user risk limits in the Group settings area.

26 May 2015. v2.24 is now live. This adds in a much-requested Pause-game function to Pro and Starter Edition. But the big news is our complete re-write of multiplayer in Pro Edition. The new version is released as a beta but users should enjoy a completely upgraded experience with faster response times and a slicker quoting engine. Feedback always welcome.

5 March 2015. We’re adding more user FAQs with our responses which will no doubt be of interest to Volcube users and options traders in general. Check them out here…

2 February 2015. Volcube 2.23 is live across all servers. Both Pro and Starter Editions include significant new features. See Products for full details.

20 January 2015. Volcube 2.23 is coming very soon. Full details available shortly.

20 December 2014. Volume VI in our ebook series, Losing Money With Options is available now from the ebook store and Amazon.

7 November 2014. A new series of videos introducing each of the different Levels in the Volcube options simulator is on the way. Here’s a taster with the introductory video for Level 1.

3 October 2014. Volcube 2.22 is live. Starter and Pro versions updated with great new features. For details see here for Starter and here for Pro.

17 September 2014. ‘Options Trading in 7 Days’. A new ebook for beginners from Volcube is out now. Download it for FREE right here.

13 August 2014. Work on 2.22 is continuing. This will allow for different styles of option contracts to be used in the trading simulations. We are also taking on board the many feature requests that always come after a summer of heavy Volcube use from trading interns and junior traders. To add your feedback or a change request, please just email the usual address : [email protected]

14 June 2014. v.2.21 is now live. This upgrade has three great new features. In Pro and Starter Edition we have added more realism to the simulations. The AI broker will now give better explanations as to why he cannot/will not trade on your prices, to indicate whether your bids or offers were particularly high or low. Also, sporadic orders in the individual option markets may appear during games, giving players the chance to click trade these orders for edge. The third new feature is for Pro Edition users and allows for a Detailed Report to be generated at the end of a period. This is useful for tutors and training managers to analyse their trainees’ performance on Volcube in depth. With the new Detailed Report, the trainees’ profitability and risk-appetite in Volcube can all be detected as well as their relative rates of progress. v.2.21 is live and all users have been automatically upgraded.

20 April 2014. Our ebook store here at is now open, selling our complete range of ebooks in pdf format for immediate download at just $9.99.

11 April 2014. Option Greeks for Traders – Part I – Delta, Vega and Theta (Volcube Advanced Options Trading Guides) is available now from Amazon. Due to very high demand from regions not currently served by Amazon, we hope to make all the Volcube ebooks available to purchase directly from very soon.

23 February 2014. v.2.20 is live. This is an upgrade for Pro and Starter Editions. Pro games can now include Calendar Spread strategies in Custom Play simulations and from Level 5 upwards. Starter Edition 2.20 now includes outright options as an choice in Custom Play. We’ve also added a new Minigame to both editions which tests put-call parity including interest rate factors. Plus look out for the new Help section in Starter Edition. Some smoothing between Levels has also been added.

1 February 2014. Trading Implied Volatility – An Introduction (Volcube Advanced Options Trading Guides) is available now from Amazon. Our 4th ebook in the popular AOTG series.

8 January 2014. v.2.19 is now live on all servers. This is an upgrade to both Pro Edition and Starter Edition. Starter Edition now has a new Performance tab which graphs trader pricing accuracy and competitiveness for every order. Pro Edition 2.19 includes the Performance tab plus a new Expiration Module allowing users to practise expiry trading. Also Pro 2.19 allows for multi-expiry games that are played on larger resolution monitors to display muliple sheets at once.

23 December 2013. Option Market Making : Part I : An introduction (Volcube Advanced Options Trading Guides) is available now from Amazon. This is our 3rd ebook in the Advanced Options Trading Guides series.

27 November 2013. We’ve released a 2nd ebook in our Advanced Options Trading Guides series. Available to download now from Amazon right here : Option Volatility Trading : Strategies and Risk (Volcube Advanced Options Trading Guides)

5 November 2013. Working now on v.2.19 which will deliver a great new feature allowing for option expiration trading to be simulated and practised. Learn how to trade options in Volcube with less than a week until they expire. Manage gamma and theta risk as time passes in the series of expiry games. This is a big feature which we hope to release before year end. Further updates on progress to follow.

29 September 2013. v.2.18 is now live on all servers. The Assignments Builder has been considerably enhanced, allowing for email notifications, release and expiry dates and multiple one-click Assignment creation. Plus simulations can now use spot prices as low as $30 for greater scope.

10 September 2013. v.2.18 is in beta test mode. This will see improvements to the popular Assignments feature released earlier this year. We’re extending the range of options that tutors can add to the Assignment simulations they create, such as a release date and expiration date. We’re also enabling multiple versions of a single configuration Assignment to be created in one go. Provisionally aiming for a release before 30 September.

6 August 2013. v.2.17 released to all users. This release includes usability improvements for tablets players. For Pro Edition, we’ve improved the tutors’ Exchange Live View and also added the option of including three longer dated quarterly expirations in simulations. So Pro games can now have up to six expirations such as Jan, Feb, Mar, Jun, Sep and Dec. Another new Pro feature is the option for tutors to alter group members’ Levels as they see fit.

23 May 2013. A new video about options volatility trading on Volcube. See our youtube channel for this and other options videos at

21 May 2013. Volcube has published the first volume of its Advanced Options Trading Guide series. Option Gamma Trading (Volcube Advanced Options Trading Guides) looks at option gamma trading from first principles up.

25 March 2013. v.2.17 provisionally set for release late April/early May. Additional quarterly expirations and an option for much lower spot prices are provisionally in the new feature set.

5 March 2013. Final requests for new Pro features to be considered for inclusion in v.2.17. Please submit suggestions to [email protected].

15 February 2013. Performance upgrade to servers may affect some users briefly in the US, Hong Kong and Australia.

22 January 2013. Pro Edition v.2.16 to go live later this week. Two big new features in this release. Tutors can now create Assignments for students to play and see their results in a new Assignments League table in the Account screen. The other new feature is Continous Games which allows fixed spot games to be continued into a new session, allowing a series of up to 10 games to be played. Theoretical volatilities and positions carry over into the new session. If you require additional help on the new features, just email [email protected]. Schedules for the release in the main time zones to be announced soon.

20 December 2012. Monthly subscriptions to Volcube Starter Edition made available.

21 November 2012. See a preview of Pro 2.15 in this new preview video.

20 November 2012. A new feature series of articles containing training exercises to help you learn about options trading is available here. Watch this space as we will add to the exercise list over time.

16 October 2012. Exciting new features in  v.2.14 which will go live later today (circa 9pm GMT = 4pm CST = 5am HKT [on 17th October]). Server disruption as usual should be minimal. This release includes the TPI Report feature which will give you a detailed break-down of how your Trader Performance Index was achieved; were you a little inaccurate with your pricing? Were you fast at pricing but failed to make enough profit in the game? The TPI Report should give you much more clarity on how to improve. The Report is accessed in the Analysis screen for your game, using the icon alongside your TPI. TPI Report is available in both Pro and Starter Editions.

Other new features for Pro users. Tutors can now see all the games played by the Group members in the History screen. This enables tutors to analyse their trainees’ games in detail or use a trainee’s game to demonstrate in the classroom where things went well and where they didn’t! Another feature with this release is an improvement to the multiplayer algorithm which alters how the broker deals with the order book. If you would like full details on this change, please drop us a line at [email protected].

14 September 2012. v.2.13 to be released this weekend across all servers. This release includes the new Scenarios feature for Pro Edition users and the new Mini-games league table for Pro and Starter Edition users. ‘Scenarios’ allows users to prepare for certain market events such as economic data releases or shocks to the volatility curve. The Mini-games league table allows users to compare their mini-games scores in the Account screen with other users in their group.

3 September 2012. v.2.13 will be available very shortly. Further details to follow.

6 July 2012. Two new Mini-games added to the Mini-game library. Practise call and put payoffs and the effects of delta on option value.

1 July 2012. v.2.12 released. This unleashes the Option Mini-games for all Pro and Starter customers. Make sure you have put-call parity, intrinsic/extrinsic and more under your belt. Check out this tutorial for the new feature.

24 June 2012.     v.2.11 release brought forward to today! All customers (Volcube Pro and Volcube Starter) have been upgraded to make use of the new feature. You can now see the market value and implied vol of options at the point at which your trading simulation ended. Use this to understand how implied vol and skew moved during your game and to see why your theoretical and market p&ls are differing.

18 June 2012.     New feature requests: please submit any new feature requests to [email protected] for consideration in v2.11.0. Your contributions are welcome as ever.

6 June 2012. Volcube Starter Edition is available NOW! For free trials or to purchase 12 months access, visit the Store.

27th May 2012. Volcube Starter Edition FREE TRIALS are now available! Click here to start your trial.

16th May 2012. New video about Volcube Starter Edition added here.

13th May 2012. Volcube v.2.10 released.

4th May 2012. Volcube v.2.10 confirmed for a release this month.

24th April 2012. Several new articles added as well as a new video, How to delta hedge.

31st March 2012 Volcube v2.9 available to customers as a free upgrade. This major new release includes outright option markets that can be fully click-traded.

7th March 2012 A new article, What is volatility trading? added

27th February 2012 Volcube confirm v2.9 for March to include mass quoted outright options and click trading

29th January 2012  Volcube v2.8 made available to customers, featuring several upgrades

14th December 2011 Interview with Volcube co-founder Rich Wilson, where he describes the benefits customers see

5th December 2011 Updated Introducing Volcube video

8th November 2011 November Newsletter – Atlantic Trading testimonial, v2.5 with moving spot, free trials

2nd September 2011 Simon Gleadall’s article, Option risk management with back-booking, published in Futures & Options World

8th August 2011 August Newsletter – v2.3 features announced, new Education section, free trials

5th July 2011 July Newsletter – Free trials, v2.2 released, new introductory video

3rd June 2011 June Newsletter – Recruitment and Onboarding

19th April 2011 April Newsletter

8th April 2011 Simon Gleadall’s article, The Hidden Uses of Vanna, published in Derivatives Week

22nd March 2011 March Newsletter

28th February 2011 Volcube announces Volatility Management and enhanced Market algorithms

16th February 2011 Volcube announces Volatility Manager in v2.1

24th January 2011 Simon Gleadall’s new book ‘The Metaphysics of Markets‘ is reviewed by Brenda Jubin

17th January 2011 Volcube announces major new release of its derivatives simulation and training software

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